Jet Ride Surf Co., Inc.

learn to jet surf

Want to Carve Some Flat Water?

Inspired by his own passion for Jet Boarding, Dave would like to share this awesome sport with the world. Check out some epic footage of the jetboards in action and see what we can offer you! 

Jet Boarding in Action 

We Offer:

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Learn to Jet Board

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One hour lesson

1-2* shredder



* 2-person lessons require that both riders have the same foot orientation (i.e left foot back or right foot back, please call for assistance with booking)*

*approx. 30 minutes of flat carving per rider!*




30 minute lesson

1 shredder




Just want to rent some time with the board?


Carvin' Board Rentals

$149 per battery charge*


* Battery time varies considerably based on speed preferences and weight of rider (i.e 15 minutes to an hour). Please call for details or assistance.  



Hey dude, what happens during a lesson? 

Dave will get to know you and your epic skills through a pre-lesson survey and chat! Then he will decide what level of shredding you're up for. 

Level 1: Floatie-Chillin' 

Not much experience with carving and shredding? We got you, dude! Start off with our epic floatie wrapped around our electric board to get the feel for the throttle and board movements!

Level 2: Epic Tries

Think you can handle the board without a floatie? Sick! We'll get you practicing starting from the water and carving across those flats! 

Level 3: Gnarly Rider 

You've got the basics down and you're ready for some chill tips and tricks to make the best out of your ride. You can start in the water and carve like a true shredder; now how about some tricks and sick turns?